16th September 2010
Gontermann to increase capacity
15th September 2010
Gontermann-Peipers seeks FMC nod for multi-commodity exchange
We have found GPIL to be an excellent choice for steels where chipping and cracking have not been a problem. It has worked well in applications on thinner ...
Medium carbon alloyed steel is statically cast & then series of special heat treatment cycles undertaken like dehydrogenation treatment, Homogenizing, Normalizing to improve the overall structural soundness, stress distribution uniformity & toughness. As the roll well conditioned with the above treatment it undergoes differential hardening process followed by mist quenching or compressed air quenching depending on the hardness requirement. The tempered roll exhibits a uniform bainitic microstructure at the shell & pearlitic structure at the core /neck .

Due to the differential hardening the barrel / working area up to a critical depth only reaches to critical temperature & hence hardened. The rest core & neck remains unaffected resulting higher impact strength as well as strength against overload during the rolling.