16th September 2010
Gontermann to increase capacity
15th September 2010
Gontermann-Peipers seeks FMC nod for multi-commodity exchange
We have found GPIL to be an excellent choice for steels where chipping and cracking have not been a problem. It has worked well in applications on thinner ...
Cast Steel Rolls are available in a wide of chemical compositions varying from Hypo Eutectoid to Hyper Eutectoid Steels. Alloying combinations of different elements like Cr, Ni, and Mo are normally used to achieve the desired physical and mechanical properties.

In view of the demanding end use requirements these rolls cannot be used in an as cast condition when a coarse grained pearlitic structure with cementite and ferrite in a continiuous network is normally obtained. The rolls are subjected to specially designed heat treatment cycles to arrive at the optimum micro structural configuration with fine pearlite and uniformly distributed suitable for the final application.