16th September 2010
Gontermann to increase capacity
15th September 2010
Gontermann-Peipers seeks FMC nod for multi-commodity exchange
We have found GPIL to be an excellent choice for steels where chipping and cracking have not been a problem. It has worked well in applications on thinner ...
The SG Iron rolls are generally chill cast with the working surface having eutectic Cementite and free graphite in Spheroidal morphology. The addition of appropriate alloying elements in carefully adjusted combinations are practiced to get a wide range of matrix microstructure varying from fine Pearlite to Bainite or Acicular Martensite depending on the area of application of the roll. Precise inoculation & control of the rate of cooling during solidification allows the proportion of Cementite to be reduced at the same time allowing an increase in the proportion of graphite nodules.