16th September 2010
Gontermann to increase capacity
15th September 2010
Gontermann-Peipers seeks FMC nod for multi-commodity exchange
We have found GPIL to be an excellent choice for steels where chipping and cracking have not been a problem. It has worked well in applications on thinner ...
The TPM philosophy comprises a systematic methodology that aims to change the organisation by changing the thinking style of people within the organisation. It is a philosophy of prevention that advocates participation by all, and envisages an organisation that is transformed into a learning workplace where people derive satisfaction through daily improvement.

This approach focuses on developing a strong and profitable company constitution by completely eliminating defects, customer complaints, breakdowns and accidents within an organisation. For this purpose, it suggests methods for loss identification, loss quantification and loss elimination. And, thereafter for sustaining the improved condition and steadily making further continuous improvements.

Our journey for business excellence through TPM started during October 2003, when, TPM Methodology was deployed on a number of Manager Model Machines successfully & different Pillars of TPM were started gradually, under the guidance of JIPM(S) consultant.

In Dec 2007, we successfully challenged & obtained the ‘First Category TPM Excellence Award’.

Success encouraged us to challenge higher levels of TPM & accordingly our journey for TPM Part 2 started in 2008 , under JIPM(S) ‘ Consultant ‘s guidance.

And With the prevailing higher motivation level & capability of our people , we decided to challenge the 'Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment' this year & ' Special Award for TPM Achievement' subsequently.

During our journey through TPM Level 2 ,we have not only consolidated our gains of Level 1 but also improved upon this.

We have learnt many new methods & techniques & thus been able to broaden our horizon & vision.

We are deploying the concept of ‘GPIL New Production System’, which encompasses all the 10 Pillars of TPM , supported by other initiatives like ISO,OHSAS,Six Sigma , Simulation , Linear Programming etc.

Through the practice of TPM Methodology in our plant, we have been immensely benefited & the same is reflected through the improvement of Profit, Sales, Production / Productivity. Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety & most significantly - the Morale of our employees.

There has been a steady improvement in the Organisational Culture as a result of deployment of TPM Methodology.

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