16th September 2010
Gontermann to increase capacity
15th September 2010
Gontermann-Peipers seeks FMC nod for multi-commodity exchange
We have found GPIL to be an excellent choice for steels where chipping and cracking have not been a problem. It has worked well in applications on thinner ...

Gontermann-Peipers (India) Limited (GPI)

Gontermann-Peipers (India) Limited (GPI), has posted a Net sales ofRs 3692.01 Lacs for the quarter ended September 30, 2009 of the financialyear 2009-10, an increase of 28% as compared to Rs 2823.58 Lacs, in theprevious quarter ended June 30, 2009.

The Earnings before Interest and Depreciation increased by 63% to Rs687.99 Lacs from Rs 490.46 Lacs in the first quarter. Profit before taxincreased by 203% to Rs 256.65 Lacs from Rs 84.63 Lacs during theprevious quarter. The Net Profit increased by 186% to Rs 158.99 Lacs fromRs 55.74 Lacs during the previous quarter.

The Production and Despatch during the second quarter have also increasedby 20% and 10% respectively compared to the previous quarter of thecurrent financial year.

The company’s profit has been higher because of increased volume, betterproduct-mix, tight cost control, better realization, better operating efficiencyetc. Quality complaints and rejections have been reduced substantially whichnot only contributed to improvement in bottom-line of the company but alsoenriched the brand value of the company world-wide.

The Company’s exports during the quarter ended September 2009 have goneup by a whopping 83% over the first quarter of the current fiscal. Thecompany has entered new markets like Chile, Columbia, Turkey, Venezuelaetc., besides strengthening its existing markets.

The Order position as on 30th September, 2009 is very good.

The implementation of the expansion-cum-modernisation programme isnearing completion. The Company expects to derive full benefit of theexpansion from the last quarter of the current financial year.

To achieve the maximum performance efficiency, company has undertakenmodern management initiatives such as Six Sigma, Total ProductiveMaintenance (TPM), Activity Based Costing, Just-In-Time (JIT), PerformanceManagement System (PMS) in consultation with leading consultants in theirrespective fields. These management initiatives have been integrated withthe Human Resource Development policies of the Company.